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welcome to club rainbow.

a really cool logo will come later, when I feel like making one :P

this community is not unlike any other GLBT community. infact, you're more then welcome to check any of them out. they all rock. but why this community? because this is a community where ANYONE, gay, lesbian, bisexual, curious, transgender, or even a SUPPORTER of GLBT, can go and discuss issues, talk about life, talk about whatever the fuck they want without fear of being judged. for if we all learned that labels are BULLSHIT and if we learned to FIGHT labels rather than ACCEPT THEM we might reach a level of pleasant understanding.
so take a look, read the entries, hell you might even make a friend! how cool is that?

my only rules:
1. you must be either gay lesbian bisexual transgender, curiousity is fine, OR you must support GLBT. Homophobia equals ignorance and will just cause me to kick you out.
2. Quiz results, overly large pictures or an excessive amount of pictures are welcome but you MUST! MUST! MUST! use the LJ cut tag. its in the FAQ and its not hard to learn.
3. you must! enjoy yourself.
4. no hateful remarks/racism/porn/etc. don't be rude. :P

thats all the rules. yes. I know. I'm so mean.

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